Hawaiian interisland flights



I plan on flying from Lihue, Kauai to Kahului, Maui later this month and I have never flown inter-island. Maybe someone can help me weigh my options between the three airlines that fly that route. I think this could be a great part of my trip, as the route takes you over the southwestern tip of Oahu and right over Lanai and I’d love to get some great views. I like Island Air, because of the low altitude, and the fact that it is slightly cheaper, but am I right? Help me choose!

Hawaiian Air:
Boeing 717-200
30 minute flight time
27,000 ft altitude
2x2 18.5 inch seats
1st checked bag $17

Island Air:
Saab 340
50 minute flight time
15,000 ft altitude
2x1 17.5 inch seats
1st checked bag $15

Go! Mukulele:
28 minute flight time
23,000 ft altitude
2x2 17.5 inch seats
1st checked bag $17

which would you choose, and why?
thank you!


the prices are similar, pick one and enjoy. You’re flying on an airline not a private jet so service is going to be what you pay for… :open_mouth:


If you can get on an Island Air flight operated by the Dash 8 rather than their one Saab, that would offer even better views.

The CRJ-200 is very difficult to get a view out of because its windows are small and positioned quite low.


I’d go with the Saab340 while they are still around. Fast little suckers to! :stuck_out_tongue: