Have You Met Your "Aviation Idol?" in Person?


Long Agp, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

When I was a little girl, (maybe 8 or so?) Mom took me to an airshow. The Blue Angels were there! Amazed by the pretty, blue rings that came out of the engines and the fantastic maneuvers, I was hooked on flying from that day. With little, pastel autograph book in hand; I was so ***IN LOVE ***with the handsome, Blue Angel jet pilots as they signed the pages. Of course, I wanted to marry a Blue Angel, that never happened, but a girl can dream! Bwahaha :smiley:

Later, in the 90’s, while taking lessons out of RYN, my CFI and I flew to an uncontrolled airport outside of TUS, (can’t remember the name). Patty Wagstaff and the AFLAC crew were rehearsing for an upcoming show. She was flying the Extra I believe, and I saw her cut a ribbon at 22 ft AGL, for starters. After she landed, I wanted to talk to her SO BAD, and got the chance. In those days, she had blazing red hair. I asked her to autograph my log book, and told her I was still in lessons and nervous at times doing the emergency maneuvers. Here is what she said to me. “There isn’t anything in aviation that you can’t do. So go out there and get your shirt tail cut off! You’re a Redhead girl, you CAN do this!” Then she gave me a big hug!

I was so inspired by her, as we flew out, I made a non, standard-rate turn into the pattern after takeoff. My CFI said, in his stern CFI voice: “Alright, Patty… this is a CESSNA, not an EXTRA, I don’t want to see that again”. Then he snickered :smiley:

Patty is my role model…I wish I could tell her I got to fly a Marchetti, she would be so proud!

From that day forward, I would take my log book on Commerical flights and send it up to the cockpit with the flight attendants. Now, I have a wonderful collection of inspirational messages from Captains and Officers of various airlines that I will cherish forever.

CAVU Skies Everyone! What’s your story?


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Most of my aviation idols are gone now. People like Lindbergh and Earhardt are in the history books and I include them, but also the pilots of that era who flew the mail and other flying that makes our GPS and VOR world of flying seem so automatic. In the days when and even before NDB’s were the latest and greatest, these pilots were out flying in less reliable aircraft at night using lights and buildingtops for navigation, those are my idols.

Living though, I’d love to meet Bob Hoover and Bruce Dickinson.
Bob Hoover, flying a Twin Commander power off rolling and looping, amazing!
Bruce Dickinson, If Iron Maiden wasn’t enough, this guy not only flies the 75, but also helped get a Vulcan Bomber back in the air, just seems like a cool guy to get to know, and a guy who brings aviation to a new facet of society.

I did get to meet Dennis Fitch when I was 13 or 14. He was the Non Rev on UA232, who went to the cockpit and ended up running the throttles (which in that case was flying the aircraft) using throttle differerential to steer the aircraft. Amazing story he told!

There’s so many people in aviation both famous and non I’d love to meet. The stories from the pros and non pros, 100 hour pilots to 10000 hour pilots, people I may not neccesarily idolize, but sure have good stories


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I got to meet Sen. John Glenn. He used to keep his plane at Signature IAD. I also meet Travolta VERY briefly when he was leaving from PIE on 707JT from a meeting with the Scientology kooks. I would still like to meet Sir Richard Branson, he is just an all around cool dude.


John Glenn… WOW! John Travolta… DOUBLE WOW!..but John Glenn… you met a LEGEND! I always wanted to meet Steve Fossett, I guess we will never really know what happened there…his legend lives forever!! :frowning:


I have been relatively lucky I guess. I met the man himself Chuck Yeager back at the 2003 100th Ann of Flight. He was at the FBO where I was hangin out near there. Nice guy to me, although that seems to be different than what he is usually, from what I hear.

Also have met:
Robert Morgan (Memphis Belle B-17 Pilot)
Patty Wagstaff (twice)
Mike Goulian (twice)
Dale ‘Snort’ Snodgrass (twice)
Jimmy Franklin (Jet Waco pilot killed in a crash)
Jim LeRoy (Bulldog biplane, also killed in a crash)

there are a few others that I cant think of off the top of my head right now, but most of them are airshow pilots of some fame. Yeager is the biggest and best.


Sen. Glenn, Gen. Yeager, Andy Allen (Shuttle Commander, but he really doesn’t count since he is the CEO of one of the companies my FIL is involved with), Scott Carpenter, Gen. Doolittle

And just for Satine…Tiger Distefani, Eddie Van Fossin, John “Putter” Putman, Ron Hevele, Wes Selvedge (all the previously mentioned guys are from Bakersfield/Shafter)


You have met me in person??? :unamused:


In 2003 I flew with John Glenn. Not many pilots can claim that!


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I’ve had the pleasure of having a drink with Captain Alfred C. Haynes.

I took 3 lessons with Wally Olsen (59$ Evergreen Airport)

And my personal hero Dave Wiley R.I.P. (Wiley’s Seaplane Port (2OG3)) whom I’ve had the great pleasure of spending many a day helping work on his T-craft on EDO’s http://www.faegre.org/CSPA/dave.html

Here is a Picture of the T-craft http://www.kpflight.com/seaplane1.htm


I’d like to meet Satine. As long as she promises to wear the top she has on in her picture!


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