Gulfstream G650 Crash in New Mexico


Early reports are that a G650 crashed shortly after takeoff in Roswell, NM at approx. 9:30 Saturday morning. All 4 flight crew members are dead. Thoughts and prayers to friends and families. Blue skies and tailwinds to our departed brothers. … ple-dead-0


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Is there anyway to find out what serial number it was that went down?

And my hopes and prayers to the family of the crew


Appears to be N652GD. Serial #6002



That was Going to Universal Jet.


Local News Coverage

N652GD Gulfstream G650 airframe number 2.
Gulfstream Press Release

photo Ned Harris/Flickr


Jon Ostrower/Washington, DC (Flightblogger)

The US Federal Aviation Administration and Gulfstream Aerospace has confirmed has confirmed one of its five G650 test aircraft crashed at Roswell International Air Center Airport in Roswell, New Mexico, killing two pilots and two test engineers aboard.

According to the FAA, the aircraft - operating as Gulstream Test 31 - had spent the morning, approximately 2.5h, conducting takeoff-performance and brake testing when the aircraft when it was cleared for takeoff on runway 17, at around 09:30 local time.


Video from the crash site click here . . .


Fly by wire issue?


Fly by wire issue? That would be devastating for the G650 . . .

All I can say, is whatever occurred and why - Gulfstream test flights are fully monitored live time - and this will probably be the one bizjet accident with the most available data ever.

One correction - aircraft was departing runway ‘21’, the starboard wingtip came in contact with the ground on liftoff, the aircraft hit the runway hard - collapsing the gear - one or more fuel tanks clearly ruptured - it doesn’t appear the aircraft hit anything else (other than the ground).

Scary that the aircraft slid from the impact - all the way to the center of the field - narrowly missing the parked airliners. :frowning:


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Just heard one of the flight engineers has some local ties to our area, North Iowa. … 03286.html