Gulfstream Jet Crashes short of John Tune Nashville Airport


Just within the last hour and half or so a G-690 Series was going from Kansas to Nashville ,with 4 onboard,at this time Nashville Fire and Rescue is reporting possibly no survivors.It Crashed in Bellview behind the YMCA.It was on appraoch to John Tune Airport in North Nashville it will be N870V.


It was N840V not N870V


It is also not a jet.


What does thd FAA say about this accident? This is a sure way to find out


The FAA does not investigate aviation accidents, the NTSB does.


NTSB Preliminary Report

NTSB Identification: ERA14FA112
14 CFR Part 91: General Aviation
Accident occurred Monday, February 03, 2014 in Bellevue, TN
Aircraft: GULFSTREAM AM CORP COMM DIV 690C, registration: N840V
Injuries: 4 Fatal … 0647&key=1


Anything new on the cause of this accident?


The FAA actually does have accident investigators on staff, and for many general aviation accidents the NTSB delegates the accident investigation duties to the FAA. So the FAA does indeed investigate accidents, but only at the behest of the NTSB. Thought this comment should be clarified/corrected.