GUI on Raspberry Pi Piaware

I’m new to this. Using Piaware 7.2 as an image on a Raspberry Pi 3.
Now I am able to use SkyAware Anywhere to view the map etc. But I have a monitor connected to the Raspberry Pi and I would like to see SkyAware on that monitor. In short: Is it possible to install a GUI?



You can use a web browser to navigate to the Pi, the IP address is on your stats page. Or click the link on your stats page to view the local interface. There’s no GUI attached to the image. Then you should do a package based install on top of a full raspberry pi OS installation

Recently I have added GUI to RaspberryPi OS LITE and Piaware SD card image by following commands

sudo apt update 
sudo apt install raspberrypi-ui-mods 
sudo apt install rpi-chromium-mods
sudo reboot

It took my Pi4 about one and a half hour to install the GUI, as a huge number of packages are installed by the commands I have given above.

After above commands & reboot, you can see RPi desktop on Monitor connected to Pi.

This Desktop has a web browser. Its starting icon is at top left of screen. You can see skyaware map by starting that browser and typing following in it’s address bar:



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My Pi4 was already setup with GUI before I added Piaware. I’m wondering if it would have run cooler if it had less bloatware.


I did not check temperature, but CPU and Memory usage did increase by adding GUI to RPI Model 4


I used VNC to access one of my remote Pis at Phillip Island (near the MotoGP track)

It is a Pi3 running Piaware, RBfeeder, tar1090 and graphs1090

Dump1090 runs 49% most of the time and VNC Server runs about 7% when it is actually in use.

In this instance the GUI is very useful and not detremental.

It is mounted outside and gets hot or cold depending on sunlight on the box.

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