Getting the best results!

@jimMerk2 what antenna are you using? You said a +6dB (IIRC) - so I presume a commercially purchased one?
Originally, I was considering going the route of a directional (purchased) one, but the couple models I saw referenced were either out of stock, or a lot more than I wanted to pay. I made one of my own based on this post

and my performance got a lot better. I had thought about getting the unit you did (LNA from RTL-SDR), but opted to try this instead -
Since for a similar cost, I would end up with two radios (either use my RTL-SDR for a second PiAware, or else use it for something unrelated since it’s fairly generic). The ADSB Blue stick has a filter but not an LNA, but upon using it, I found I got pretty good performance. I can see pretty much to the theoretical horizon (at least west), and based on looking at FA/FR24 general data, I’m not missing planes that way.

I don’t get a lot to the east, but then I’m down the hill towards the beach in Solana, so the geography really restricts what I see to the east, regardless of my equipment. That said, I might give a better antenna a try and see if I get a bit more inland results - and so coming back to asking what you’re using, and how you like it. Would you recommend it or get it again?