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Get new Feeder ID and change user account

I have Piaware 3.7.1 installed and running on an RPI. I am wanting to get a new feeder ID for this installation so I can claim it on a different account. The SD card was cloned from my other running RPI and I have other feeders set up and running on this PI so do not want to have to start from scratch. I have tried deleting feeder-id in /var/cache/piaware and rebooting but the file gets replaced with the same Id.

sudo systemctl stop piaware
sudo piaware-config feeder-id ""
sudo rm /var/cache/piaware/feeder_id
sudo systemctl restart piaware

This should do the trick.

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I have tried sudo piaware-config -show feeder-id but get no reply and looked at piaware.conf it contains no feeder id either.

Have you tried the commands in the sequence i wrote down?

If you remove the cached id while piaware is running, it probably writes it again when it exits.
So just try what i posted.

will try it shortly and advise accordingly

First check file
sudo nano /boot/piaware-config.txt
Scroll down and check if you see a line starting with “feeder-id”. If yes, delete this line.

Now reboot Pi, login to NEW Account, then go to this page to claim new feeder station.


If you don’t stop piaware before deleting the cached id, what you are describing won’t work.
Pretty sure that the cache file is written on exit.
(you didn’t even mention the cached feeder-id, if you don’t delete that file, for sure nothing will change)

piaware-config will remove the feeder-id from the relevant config files, that includes /boot/piaware-config.txt

Tried it but without the sudo piaware-config feeder-id “” and it seems to have worked.

Just need to claim the new ID on the correct account.

If you have never explicitely set a feeder-id using piaware-config, that step isnt’ necessary.
But it doesn’t hurt either.

root@pi ~ # cat /boot/piaware-config.txt
feeder-id 99e23e89-bfff-4aaa-822a-777777bbbbbb
root@pi ~ # piaware-config feeder-id 99e23e89-bfff-4aaa-822a-666666aaaaaa
Set feeder-id to 99e23e89-bfff-4aaa-822a-666666aaaaaa in /boot/piaware-config.txt:1
root@pi ~ # cat /boot/piaware-config.txt 
feeder-id 99e23e89-bfff-4aaa-822a-666666aaaaaa   # updated by fa_piaware_config
root@pi ~ # 

This console output disagrees with you.
Test your previous advice, test what i proposed.
Only changing configuration files for sure won’t help, you also need to delete /var/cache/piaware/feeder_id while piaware is stopped.
Then once the cached id doesn’t exist and no feeder-id is configured, the next startup will produce a fresh feeder-id.

Well except for piaware-config also changing piaware-config.txt in boot, the diagram isn’t wrong.

If you put in another feeder-id for example to get back your old station into /boot/piaware-config.txt, this will overwrite every other occurence of the feeder-id.
But this is not the goal in this case. Thus a different approach is required, the feeder-id needs to be remove from all configuration files and the cache needs to be deleted as well.
As the cache is also written when piaware exits, the deletion needs to happen after piaware is stopped.

I confirm it worked and caused the station to get unclaimed.