Get Flight Status and Receive Alert



I was trying to get a flight status (whether a plane is arrived/landed safely, or in transit, or somewhere). I am using FlightInfoEx method, but I don’t see anywhere it mentions the flight status.

Also, how do I get push notification when a flight that I track using the flight number arrived?

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You will have to query the flight for updates. You can alternately request push notifications: … p_SetAlert


I will be using REST/JSON

Which method should I use? I know I need to input faFlightID.


You have a specific flight instance (faFlightID) that you want to receive alerts on, you will need to use SetAlert with the ident and date of the flight you want (and optionally specify the origin/destination of it in case that ident operates multiple different segments per day). That other information can be obtained from FlightInfoEx.