Get all current flights from airline

Hi there,

I’m trying to get all the current flights from a airline, like this page ( but I’ve seen the documentation and I’m not sure that is any Operation to get what I need.

Any help?

Many thanks!

One way to get a list of current flights for a specific airline to use “Search” with “-idents UAL*”

Hey bovineone, thank for your quick reply.

I got the all current flights from TAP but now I want to get the track (previous coordinates - latitude and longitude), from those flights, to draw the path on my Google Maps.

I saw that FlightAware uses the perfect endpoint to show me that ( … &summary=0).

There is something similar at FlightXML2 API?

Thank you again for your time.

Try looking at GetLastTrack or GetHistoricalTrack for each flight you are interested in.