General Q&A to Pilots/Owners


I have always been interested in Aviation…do not hold a Pilots License…have Never Piloted an Aircraft…but it would be interesting to ‘Have One’ ! I have always been ‘Nervous’ when Flying…but am the same way when ‘someone else is driving’ ! I tell my Wife when we are on a 737, etc. that I would be ‘More Comfortable’ if I was behind the wheel…(though I doubt everyone else would feel the same way !) Looking at Prices of obtaining a Pilots License, Aircraft, Fuel, etc…when I can purchase a pair of ‘Return Tickets’ from YYC to MMBT to YYC for under $2K… With the Price and Maintenance of a Personal Aircraft…What are Fuel Costs, etc. as compared to Flying Commercially ? Is it a ‘Personal Feeling’ of doing it yourself… ( I am sure it would be quite gratifying to do a Long Trip in ones Own Aircraft !) Just curious !