Garth Brooks


Anyone have his tail number?


He charters from Omni Air

His last flight with them: … /KLPR/KTUL


Steve Wynn has said that he is buying Garth Brooks his own jet so that he can fly to and from home (so that he can take his kids to school, while he is working at the Wynn).

Does anyone know the registration of the jet?


Not yet, that I know of. But apparently, the plane is only being used for the weekends. Brooks is only playing 4 shows for the weekend, starting tonight. Then he flies back to Oklahoma for his family. Wash/rinse/repeat for the next 5 years.

So far, all of his shows are sold out, at $125/ticket. Oh… and to be pedantic, the shows are at the Encore, not the Wynn. :wink:



Maybe this one?



Not sure:


Still could be. Wilmington Trust is a lessor of many aircraft.


What about N810GT??


the Tail number is OAT81