Gain Settings for Pro-Stick Plus

So I see the information about adjusting gain on the Pro-Stick Plus using the piaware-config setting. I looked in my .conf file and don’t see any gain set in there. Would it be best to set this at -10 for the auto gain setting? I saw the other thread regarding performance but was curious, having never done it before, if it’s a good idea to tweak this.

Look at this thread
You may need to lower the gain the get optimum results.

So it kind of looks like adjust and see results as you go to see what works best for you? I may start with -10 and see how my results change. I assume by running the commands for the piaware-config it will adjust the settings for the pro-stick plus? This will also affect the other sites I am feeding?

-10 is a special value meaning “turn on AGC”.
For ADS-B, the AGC doesn’t actually give auto-gain, just a high gain. Usually AGC will behave like “more gain than max”.

Would it be recommended then to let AGC do it’s thing? It looks like folks were seeing roughly same numbers with -10 as with numbers closer to 50.

Look at the planes near your location. If there are larger gaps in the track, then your receiver is overpowered. Lower the gain step by step until you achieve uninterrupted tracks for nearby flights. That’s how I did it. AGC is not a good choice, it may make sense for DVB-T.