G550 to Africa (N169SD)


Did these guys make it half way and then have to divert to South America?



The green line on the map doesn’t correlate with the position reports or radar returns.
The track log consistently shows the aircraft going East South East at 43000ft until I presume they left New York Oceanic an flight aware lost a source of data.
Who knows what the green line to the southwest was generated by, but it isn’t in the actual log.


Thanks for the info.


Aircraft is Alhaji Sayyu Dantata’s Gulfstream G550 based in Nigeria.

They don’t like to register their jets in Nigeria because it deflates the value big time.


Aircraft ownership is Ovlas Aircraft Finance (owned by Ovlas SA Nigeria)
Trustee is Wells Fargo.

PS; every time you buy gas in America at your local station - you help
pay for Dantanta’s lavish lifestyle!!!


Pfft – who cares? I’ve got a huge inheritance payment coming, ironically from his home country!


Wow, me too. We must be related.


That last position looks specious.


It doesn’t look right either.


Last minute drug run.