Full Equipment Codes?

My Suggesstion:

Can we see the full equipment code of the aircraft?

For example, when a flight files for B/B763/Q, on FA it only shows up as B763/Q. I know we can see heavy Prefixes, but why not B, L (757’s), or otherwise?

They’ve all been discontinued besides H for Heavy. TCAS and whatnot used to be indicated with a prefix of “T” but that is now a function of the equipment type suffix.

Oh, I understand.

However, some do file as B/XXX/X, and I was wondering why it doesn’t show up.

However, what about L/B752/X?

The FAA now (I believe) requires 752’s to file for L/ for wake turb.


What would that mean?

However, what about L/B752/X?

The FAA now (I believe) requires 752’s to file for L/ for wake turb.

I think that went away a good while ago. Fewer than 10% of B75* aircraft file H/ and pretty much the rest are without a prefix.

Lol…Sorry to be a pest. I really hate to argue!!!

When I occationally get a dispatch in my hands (did so a week ago), I see a 767-300 file as a B/B763/Q…Ie, that’s how dispatch filed it. On FA it only shows up as B763/Q…

Now, I’ve gotten 2 disptaches from 757’s (two different carriers), both which file for either L/B752/J or L/B752/Q, however, on FA it only shows up as B752/J or B752/Q…

I do understand the new directive excluding B/ and T/, however, to the best of my knowledge (and of the dispatchers), L/ is still good.

I wonder if any FAA folks know the story here? I might have to look through my FAR/AIM, i believe there was a section in there about it.

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(Like I said before-- hate to argue! Best option: go to the FAA…)

According to the FAA,

[quote=“7110.65R TBL 2-3-2,2-3-3, and 2-3-4”]Number of aircraft if more than one, heavy aircraft indicator if appropriate, type of aircraft, and aircraft equipment suffix. The heavy aircraft indicator is “H/.” For nonheavy B757, the indicator is “F/.”

is used by terminal controllers for arrivals, departures, and overflights. The notation is not used anywhere else in the ATC environment, and I believe the last revision of the 7110.65N removed all references to TCAS equipment information.