Freeze framing Radar images


On older flights, would it be possible to store the snap shot of the radar image on the older images when the flight is completed in the historical part and when tracking begins, to overlay the current radar?

This way, one could see how close they were to the weather after the first thing they do is open Flight Aware :smiley:



Even better would be to somehow save each refresh of the map to later make into a timelapse animation. It’d look a lot like that fedex animation that’s been discussed here before.


Kinda like this video I just made.

Edit: Holy crap it looks awful on photobucket.


It’s possible, since we’ve stored all the old NEXRAD images. We just haven’t gotten around to it yet.


Two things…

One. Awesome idea. My Father In-Law sometimes asks about this when he gets back from a trip.

Two. Anyone other than me all of a sudden have the song “Freeze Frame” pop in their heads when they read the subject of this post?

Probably not. Great, time for a random…





Thanks (not).




Pika, is something wrong? Are you okay? You actually spelled out FIL! :smiley:


Fighting off a sinus migraine…a little loopy this morning. Sorry, it won’t happen again.


WX Radar history would be a great idea…then I could see what all the hubub was about when I get an airborne re-route like I did this morning… :unamused: