Flying over Denver Intl

Hey guys/gals,

Question for ya, i am planning to fly past denver intl (class b) this upcoming weekend and was wondering if they’d be happy to let me fly right over the top of the airport or will i be vectored around?


I have no clue what the VFR corridors are like in the Class B but in most cases they PREFER that you over fly the airport. to stay clear of arrivals and departures

answer for ya: local knowledge required! Where can you get that? local flight school, local flight instructor, local pilot. Email might work, but might be ignored without your having any previous relationship with the person on the other end. Best to call. If you don’t want to talk to anyone, just fly over the airspace.

This is great advice- but if you plan on flying across the USA and transiting lots of busy airspace I don’t think this is practical.
Class B VFR charts are cheap and clearly depict VFR corridors.
your best bet, call and get flight following- just like that you are cleared into and about the class B.

Somehow flying VFR over a rather busy airport with both N/S and E/W runways doesn’t seem like it would work unless the surface wind is strong enough to keep traffic pointed in one direction. But what do I know, I haven’t flown VFR since Carter was growing peanuts.

AFTER studying oxygen requirements :wink:

If he is asking a basic question like this, he may not think about oxygen requirements.

Time for a lot of planning then.

I ended up just flying under the cake and around the airport because i have jad no training with oxygen use, and the cessna i was in would probably give up before i even needed oxygen ha