Fly DC Jets!!! - Beloved Neon Sign in LGB

This is the most amazing sign ever! I heard “DC” stands for Douglas Commercial. When Boeing bought out McDonnell Douglas, it was so cool they decided to keep the MD logo too.

I also heard that when the sign was turned off, the outcry was enormous and it was decided to keep it on.

I am sure there are some stories from the glory days of DC Jets in here somewhere! :smiley: :smiley:

I love the MD logo… I’m glad that Boeing kept it alive after the acquisition.

Thaks for posting it. I’ve never seen it before & I love it.

This picture shows just how BIG it is!!!

It’s a Douglas logo long before McDonald was in the picture. I remember the 405 fwy being built and that sign was there in the early 60’s.

You are certainly correct. My comment reflected its last use by MD prior to the Boeing acquisition. :wink: