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FlightXML push alert buttons on alerts page

On the flight alerts page of FlightAware, we can see the list of flights registered for XML push notification. In the table view, one of the columns named FlightXML push has two kinds of buttons. One is Advanced Options and the other is Meeting the Flight. Do we get alerts on both kinds of options? what do they mean?

Wanted to follow up on this question.

This is a summary of the events subscribed to in the alert. When setting up email or app alerts on the website there’s three presets that set certain events to make set-up easier for these cases:

  1. On the Flight (filed, delayed and cancelled)
  2. Operating the Flight (filed, delayed, cancelled, diverted and arrived)
  3. Meeting the Flight (filed, delayed, cancelled, diverted, departed, arrived)

If the an alert (web or XML created) happens to match up to one of these three pre-sets, then that will be the notification summary on the Alerts Page or when viewed through GetAlerts. All other combinations will appear as “Advanced”.