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Alert responses

Hi there

Where can I see what the alert response would look like for the possible alerts

e_filed e_departure e_arrival e_diverted e_cancelled?

We are still in the evaluation phase of the flightaware servie and not sure if it fulfills our needs.

A few event types can be seen in the FlightXML documentation, under the " Show example (JSON push notification)…" link that will unfurl them on the page.

All alert types will contain the same flight body structure.

Thanks for the reply.

If I understand the alert feature correctly, it is possible to get an alert for departure for example:

we would get a message when the flight has departed with an updated estimated arrival time?

But there would be no update during flight whatsoever if the estimated arrival time changes again?

And another question:
There is no way to set up an alert for if for example if the airline proactive delays the flight?

The most recent eta value would be included with the the departure alert.

It’s possible to define a “minutes out” alert that would trigger an alert at a defined value (ex 15,30 or 45 minutes) when the flight is that many minutes out from its eta. This would trigger on the updated eta as the flight progresses. To set the alert condition {minutes_out xx} would prepended to the existing channels parameter when setting an alert. Otherwise there are no eta updates while the flight is in progress.

Delay alerts are part of the e_filed channel. They primarily trigger for airport-wide delays that could affect the flight. If a single flight is delayed for an unknown reason this will not trigger a delayed alert.