FlightFeeder vs USB FlightAware Dongle


Just wondering what exactly is the differences between the two of these? I use the USB FlightAware Dongle unit on right. Just curious…


FlightFeeder pictured contains a modes beast board and a RasPi 2 it’s roughly $700+ compared to $25- for the dongle…


and badshortie’s statistics now - https://flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/badshortie#stats-9376

IMHO own device with PiAware and Dump1090 mutability 1.14 (ie without dump1090-fa ) is better solution

DECODER_OPTIONS="–max-range 360"


This is my setup at the moment but planning on putting the antenna on my
roof tower once I get a longer coax cable. I am hoping to increase its
range of course and willing to try anything to help out “Hence the question
about the FlightFeeder vs USB Dongle”. Maybe even upgrade the antenna if
need be.


The shorter a coax cable - the better. It is ideal to install the receiver near the antenna.


and now i’d say this site is simply a lame joke with a side-feed from a second far remote receiver :joy:


the antenna is fine - if upgrade then this:


rugomol- Why mutability over dump1090-fa?


Dont know about rugomol, but my opinion:
Settings/configuration: mutability is better and easier
GUI / Map: SkyView of fa is superior.

I have best of both worlds. I have installed mutability, then replaced its GUI by SkyView of fa :slightly_smiling_face:


Excessive filtering reduces the number of aircrafts


I don’t think you read that thread all the way to the end. It was a methodology error. (Unless by filtering you mean “throwing out garbage data” - if you want a higher apparent message rate at the cost of more garbage data, use 1.14 by all means -
piaware will just throw the garbage away, anyway)


:+1: :+1: :+1:
Although the v1.14 is easier to install as its .deb package is available for download dump1090-mutability_1.14_armhf.deb, I always use v1.15~dev, which requires that several packages (necessary to build and fulfill dependencies) are installed first, then build the .deb package from the source code.


Any chance to release dump1090-mutabilty for windows?
I am currently using dump1090-win.1.10.3010.14 from dump1090 Malcom Robson fork.


Unlikely, as I don’t have a windows development environment (or much interest in setting one up)