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FlightFeeder app on HP Touchpad running CM9?

Has anyone gotten the FlightFeeder app to actually see any flights when running on a HP Touchpad with CyanongenMod 9?

The app starts up and recognizes my NooElec NESDR Mini 2 stick but after running for a few days it has yet to register any ADS-B data. I am using the antenna that came with the NooElec. I tried it with two different OTG dongles from Amazon.

Also the Map screen shows an area south of Milan, Italy instead of my actual location. Location works fine in other apps like Zillow.

I wish there was some kind of debugging information available from the app instead of just plug-n-pray.

In the version of the app you have, a GPS fix is required before aircraft positions will be reported. The problem is that we configured the GPS client to be “passive.” In other words, that version of the app does not cause the device to actively acquire its position. We did it that way because we thought that it would be a benefit to battery life. However, there are other ways to manage this.

So, in the next version, which will be available in beta soon, we changed this strategy to be an active process, so that should fix you.

You can join our beta group here:

plus.google.com/communities/110 … 2140121482