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Flightfeeder only showing flights as "other"

I installed a FlightFeeder today and on the stats page for the receiver all the flights are showing as “other.” Not showing as ADS-B or MLAT. The local page for the receiver shows everything is working and MLAT is synced with many nearby receivers.

Looking at your stats it seems to have fixed itself. It may just have taken a short while after installation for the GPS to notice the change in location.

(the FlightFeeder currently seems to be offline so I can’t check further)

I fixed it by rebooting but I have two other issues.

  1. Whenever the Flightfeeder reboots, either manually or due to short power outage, it does not reconnect to WiFi by itself. I have to go to the LCD screen and go to wifi network and click “Renew.” Then it reconnects but has a different IP address. Is there something that can be done so it automatically reconnects to wifi without me having to intervene? Also, why is it not requesting the same IP address it previously had?

  2. The tracklog is not showing my station correctly. It is showing as an airport in Germany. Here is an example.
    FlightAware ADS-B (EDMX) / myuserid ff###
    The airport should be showing as “UBP / VTUU”.
    Can this be corrected or will it fix itself over time? The GPS location from the receiver is correct and my screen shows the closest airport as UBP / VTUU.

(1) sounds like a problem with your local network. Give it a few minutes and see if it picks up a lease by itself?

(2) this is likely to just be caching, the nearest airport looks correct on your stats page

For further FlightFeeder support you can mail adsbsupport@flightaware.com

It is not caching. If I go to new flights the airport shows as EDMX in the Flight Track Log. I am in Thailand, not Germany. Refreshing the page has no affect.

It is caching of site location information on the server side (this is aggressively cached as generally sites do not move often).

Check back in a day or so - if it persists then, then let me know.