FlightAware's Redesigned Flight Tracking Page


FlightAware’s Redesigned Flight Tracking Page

FlightAware is excited to announce our new flight tracking page, our largest redesign to the flight page in our 12 year history. We’ve kept all the same important content and mapping features as we spent almost a year re-designing it to be easier to understand and more usable.

We conducted usability studies in our Houston office and online with real FlightAware users across different industries to learn what information was most important. We worked to emphasize that information, and added new settings to let you tailor how you want to see it—for example gate times vs runway times, or ICAO airport codes vs IATA airport codes.

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I haven’t had need of it in awhile but I use to drag the cursor of the filed TAS and it would diplay the Mach number. It doesn’t seem to do that now with the new display. Is the info somewhere else or no longer displayed?