Flightaware Widget

I think it would be TREMENDOUS for FlightAware to create a Yahoo Widget that can be planted on the desktop of every computer of everyone that downloads it. Widgets are very popular, and are now found on all Vista computers.

Read more here: widgets.yahoo.com/workshop/

Just say no! to widgets!

We have discussed this before.

Don’t let the vote of one person stop progress.


I will not let this die. I am 100% for the widget and think it would be great to have! Most of the professional sports leagues have them for their scoreboards and standings, why not have one with a certain airports arrivals and departures?

I think it would be nice to have!
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I agree. See discussions.flightaware.com/view … ght=#23120 for long drawn out discussion on this very topic.


You’re entitled to your opinion. So am I. I just don’t happen to think they are all that great. Plus, as mentioned earlier, you should have scanned the forum to see if the topic had already been discussed.

Yahoo Widgets are not the same as the Windows one’s, at least that is a friend with Vista tells me.

Anyways, you are entitled to your opinion, and so am I. But can I ask you how it would be BAD for FlightAware to make one?

I know there’s a difference between the widgets.
When did I say it would make it bad for FlightAware? I just think there’s more important things to be working on like improving the maps.

Don’t be so quick to judge…

Searched myself with the keyword of Widgets and the prior conversations DID NOT show up.

I had to search by my own historical postings to track down that discussion.

NOT EVERYBODY is as computer savy as you.

Also, just because it was discussed in the past doesn’t mean the suggestion shouldn’t be brought up since the Flight Aware staff hasn’t addressed the issue from what I HAVE SEEN.


A Google Desktop plug-in would be nice too.