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FlightAware ProStick and AirSpy

Hi all,
I have an AirSpy mini on the way at the moment for use on my primary antenna. I already have a ProStick and was going to use that on a second Pi with my second antenna (one high gain with amp for long range, the other smaller with no amp for local traffic).

Given the AirSpy uses a different connectivity method from a standard SDR, is it possible to have both attached to one Pi and both feeding Dump1090-fa?


That would mean you lose MLAT as you have two receivers connected to the same mlat client.

The airspy has enough dynamic range for both long range and close in traffic, the setup you describe shouldn’t be necessary.

Also i should remark that you will need an LNA for the airspy to use it to the full potential.

(And if you want to use the airspy at 20 MHz you can’t have any other USB devices due to bandwidth)

It is possible to have two sets (2 dump1090-fa + 2 piaware) on same Pi, one set for ProStick, other set for AirSpy,

I have wondered if the Airspy would help my dynamic range issue so hopefully that solves my issues.

I do already have a LNA in place, a Uptronics with ceramic filter, works well in current setup.

Was hoping to have them in the same feeder ID. Will see if the AirSpy improves my dynamic range as above first,