FlightAware not updating?


I just checked flights from KSFO to KATL and notice they haven’t been updated since yesterday afternoon. It also shows all altitudes as “0”. 'Also noticed a problem with altitudes on Tuesday night when checking on trips from KMCI to KORD. Any explanation, or help for this? Thanks. :slight_smile:


Zero altitude bug for some filed flight plans will be corrected soon.


As will the excessive past/future scheduled flights.


I’m still not showing any flights for today??? KSFO-KATL as an example.


	TRS52	Scheduled	Wed 10:55PM	Thu 06:10AM	Airtran Airways, Inc.	Boeing 737-700
	DAL1478	Scheduled	Wed 10:43PM	Thu 05:47AM	Delta Air Lines, Inc.	Boeing 767-300
	DAL650	Scheduled	Wed 02:23PM	Wed 09:27PM	Delta Air Lines, Inc.	Boeing 767-300
	DAL902	En Route	Wed 12:00PM	Wed 07:02PM	Delta Air Lines, Inc.	Boeing 757-200
	UAL790	En Route	Wed 11:01AM	Wed 05:49PM	United Air Lines Inc.	Airbus A319
	DAL68	En Route	Wed 08:08AM	Wed 03:14PM	Delta Air Lines, Inc.	Boeing 767-300
	DAL46	Arrived	Wed 06:20AM	Wed 01:51PM	Delta Air Lines, Inc.	Boeing 757-200

Where are you not seeing them?


Here’s the link. I must be doing something wrong - perhaps my shortcut is “old”? flightaware.com/analysis/route.r … ation=KATL


That’s the route analyser page. For current flight information between those two airports, you want:


Thank you! :smiley:


So, the Route Analyzer page no longer works? BTW, thanks for your help.


:confused: I have been using Flightaware at an FBO that I work at and the information is not updating anymore. The same info is still there from a week ago. Also, the aircraft tracking for the area that your in is not coming up anymore. The picture is unable to load. Please help. Thanks


Please include the flight/airport identification (and/or include a screenshot) when reporting issues. If you don’t want to expose it in public, send me an email, mduell@flightaware.com