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FlightAware - Fantastic!

Living in South Africa and loving anything that runs on Avgas or Jet-A1, I have been loving this site. We have limited opportunities and a very small General Aviation fraternity. Everybody knows everybody across the country and we have few Air Shows annually to attend for good pictures. Flying in South Africa is very expensive and there are a few hard-core pilots that supports the Air Show circuit every year. There is a passion for aviation in South Africa but limited opportunity for capturing the awesome miracle of flight.

It is brilliant to observe excellent images of aircraft and aviation in general across the world in one comprehensive forum, opening doors to images and places we will never be able to visit. The amazing images captured by photographers across the globe makes this site an open book of Global Aviation!

I am a humble aviation enthusiast and wanted to thank everybody for the fantastic images and super site!

Flight is about site, sound, touch, smell; the sun burning your forehead on a sunny afternoon through a plexi-glass canopy, the splutter of a Lycoming coming to life, bouncing instruments and the drop of sweat on your forehead just before take-off. The vibration through the yoke gives the aluminum life somehow, and the cares of the world disappear as soon as the wheels leave the ground…

Safe flying and thanks for an awesome site!!

This site IS amazing :smiley:

It is a pleasure to notice web can help aviation development in South Africa. Unfortunately, many problems experienced there can be experienced in many other countries around the world too.

I think this web site got an advantage , it is making people to act and join together.