FlightAware Celebrates 1st Birthday


Today marks FlightAware’s 1st birthday. Although it is probably more nostalgic for those of us behind the scenes, please take a look at FlightAware’s birthday page to see how FlightAware has changed over the last 12 months. It’s pretty clear when the design team officially took control of design away from the coding team! Those screenshots only show how far our appearance and technology have come and don’t reflect the most important fact, which is how many people use FlightAware. If you’re curious, here are a few statistics about our usage:

  1. FlightAware serves over half a million tracking requests per day. That means that we serve 6 flight or airport track pages a second (on average) and that a map server is generating a map every .16 seconds. and at peak times, the rate is more than double that.

  2. Currently registering over 750 new members per day even though registration isn’t required. That’s well over 20,000 a month and more than one every 2 minutes, on average.

  3. FlightAware’s usage is currently growing at the rate of 8% a week, which means our traffic roughly doubles every couple months.

  4. The number of people using FlightAware every day exceeds the number of flights in the United States.

FlightAware’s popularity isn’t just limited to pilots, the aviation industry, and airplane enthusiasts – FlightAware has been mentioned in many national publications and broadcasts such as CNN, Fox News Channel, The Associated Press, USA Today, and countless references in regional & local media.

All of this reflects the incredibly hard and dedicated work from the entire FlightAware team and is a real cause for celebration for the whole company. Most importantly, we recognize the value of the users that make FlightAware the most popular flight tracking service on the Internet and submit such valuable feedback and compliments.

Keep an eye on the web site for new features as well as the “News & Media” section for smaller announcements such as improvements and FlightAware exhibitions at aviation conferences.