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Flightaware approximate

What does “flightaware approximate” means?? I have been tracking a flight and now its been 24 minutes and I dont have any more live data it just says “flightaware approximate”. I am freaking out what is going on why havent they been able to load any more live data for the past 24 minutes???

A specific example would help.

No need to freak out. There could be all sorts of reasons for no update for 24 minutes such as a broken connection to the source, a bug in the FlightAware software, etc. It could also that the flight you are tracking is outside of the primary coverage area.

rw812 is correct. This was probably due to the flight being outside of our primary coverage area, or within an area not covered by radar or ADS-B. Without knowing the specific flight number it would be difficult to determine, but this should not be any cause for alarm. We do our best to provide the most accurate tracking possible by incorporating the available live positions with estimated positions.

You can always click on the track log & graph link to the right of the map to view the live and estimated positions by the minute.

Hi- I am also having this issue. I am trying to track a flight from Zurich to EWR- nothing has been updated in quite some time. I am getting worried- I also can’t seem to find the flight on flightradar24.com either.

Here is the information: flightaware.com/live/flight/SWR3 … R/tracklog
It’s for swiss air flight operated by United airlines:LX3218

Anything will be helpful right now. Thank you in advance!

There is no surveillance of aircraft over the Atlantic Ocean; FlightAware estimates the position between Europe and the US.