Flight XML3 FlightInfoStatus showing 0 for actual times

I have tried to get the actual departure times as it was available on the screen shot but the API returns 0 when I query this. This also happens in THY flights as well. Below is the returned json

{u’FlightInfoStatusResult’: {u’flights’: [{u’origin’: {u’city’: u’Istanbul’, u’code’: u’LTFJ’, u’airport_name’: u"Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Int’l", u’alternate_ident’: u’SAW’}, u’actual_departure_time’: {u’epoch’: 0}, u’flightnumber’: u’2664’, u’distance_filed’: 201, u’filed_arrival_time’: {u’tz’: u’+03’, u’epoch’: 1519109100, u’time’: u’09:45AM’, u’date’: u’02/20/2018’, u’dow’: u’Tuesday’, u’localtime’: 1519119900}, u’blocked’: False, u’filed_airspeed_kts’: 161, u’arrival_delay’: -3000, u’actual_arrival_time’: {u’epoch’: 0}, u’destination’: {u’city’: u’Ankara’, u’code’: u’LTAC’, u’airport_name’: u"Ankara Esenbo\u011fa Havaliman\u0131 Int’l", u’alternate_ident’: u’ESB’}, u’adhoc’: False, u’departure_delay’: -3000, u’type’: u’Form_Airline’, u’filed_departure_time’: {u’tz’: u’+03’, u’epoch’: 1519106400, u’time’: u’09:00AM’, u’date’: u’02/20/2018’, u’dow’: u’Tuesday’, u’localtime’: 1519117200}, u’full_aircrafttype’: u’A320’, u’status’: u’Scheduled’, u’faFlightID’: u’PGT2664-1518933600-schedule-0002’, u’estimated_arrival_time’: {u’tz’: u’+03’, u’epoch’: 1519106100, u’time’: u’08:55AM’, u’date’: u’02/20/2018’, u’dow’: u’Tuesday’, u’localtime’: 1519116900}, u’airline_iata’: u’PC’, u’diverted’: False, u’ident’: u’PGT2664’, u’filed_ete’: 2700, u’progress_percent’: -1, u’estimated_departure_time’: {u’tz’: u’+03’, u’epoch’: 1519103400, u’time’: u’08:10AM’, u’date’: u’02/20/2018’, u’dow’: u’Tuesday’, u’localtime’: 1519114200}, u’airline’: u’PGT’, u’aircrafttype’: u’A320’, u’cancelled’: False}], u’next_offset’: 1}}

Can you please post the parameters you used to generate the result?

In the case of daily or frequent flights, using FlightInfoStatus will also show filed flights up to two days in the future as first couple results. Going by the result posted you’ve received Tuesday’s flight (faFlightID = PGT2664-1518933600-schedule-0002) but have posted pictures for Monday’s flight (faFlighID = PGT2664-1518847200-schedule-0000).

Normally you will need to set the howMany at 10 to15 and then examine the filed departure time to verify the correct instance of a flight is being observed.

Thank you for the answer. It looks like the how many parameter is the issue since I only wanted to get a result of one single particular flight and the first response was the filed one for the next day.

On the other hand if I am interested on only one single flight it requires extra burden to actually strip it from the json returned.

Question 1 - Is there any better way to do this by direct query for a specific flight?

Question 2 - In the documentation for FlightInfoStatus it says it returns;
flights FlightInfoStatusStruct()
actual_arrival_time Timestamp? Runway actual arrival time
actual_blockin_time Timestamp? Actual gate arrival time
actual_blockout_time Timestamp? Actual gate departure time
actual_departure_time Timestamp? Runway actual departure time

and I do not see any parameter for the blackout or block in times in the returned answer.

Am I doing something wrong?

Once again thanks in advance

  1. The FlightInfoStatus API allows for searches based on ident@filed_departure_time (scheduled in the screenshot) and will normally return only a single flight. For instance, the pictured flight could be found by searching for PGT2664@1518411600. Times are always expressed as UNIX Epoch.

  2. Block times are considered to be extended flight information (include_ex_data = true). They are accessible in FlightXML 3 with a Silver plan or better.

These are both noted as items that should be more clear in the API documentation.

Thank you for your answer.
Anyway I checked filled plan bit actuals are still 0