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Flight with restricted view

What does that mean?


The flight is a regular passenger flight from BCN to VIE
Cannot be found using the flight number, but with registration.

The aircraft owner opted out of flight tracking. It is very common with GA aircraft.

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No that’s something different.

Restricted from public view shows when the flight plan is not known to FA.

“Restricted” doesn’t mean “unknown”.

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It’ll be a position-only flight which is not visible by default unless you’re logged in and have position-only flights on.

That plus the lack of flight number generally means we’re tracking it via ADS-B only and don’t have flightplan/schedule data.

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It was a regular flight between Barcelona and Vienna. I would be surprised if a regular airline opted out their flights.
All other tracking sites were showing it, so it’s a FA case only.

How does this come?
It was a regular commercial flight with flight plan and all other stuff. As stated above it was visible with full information on other tracking sites, it was unknown only on FA

What do you mean with “logged in”? i a logged in all the time.

We receive flightplan and schedule information from third parties; this information is not necessarily complete or entirely reliable. Sometimes we don’t have data, or there is insufficient data to match it to the ADS-B data.

And that is why you can see the flight, but the “public” (who are not logged in) won’t see it by default.

I could look into the flight in question but you’ll need to give me a URL, I’m not going hunting based on a partial screenshot.

Got it, thanks

The flight is available at FA, but the last entry in FA DB is from five months ago.

It’s this one, but it was operating all the time until now:

Looking at the movements of that aircraft by tail, this is a callsign disambiguation problem; the aircraft is flying under a different callsign to the raw flight number (see https://www.eurocontrol.int/service/call-sign-similarity-service) so we can’t directly match the ADS-B data to the real flight number.

For some airlines, we receive callsign mappings direct from the airlines which allows us to resolve this.
In other cases, we build our own mapping by comparing schedule information to flights actually flown.
But in this case, neither of those mechanisms is available.

(edit: I’m not actually 100% sure my explanation of why you’re getting the “restricted from public view” message is correct; the position-only message is different. The “restricted” message means that you’re seeing data that’s not generally available to the public - I assume by virtue of being an ADS-B feeder in your case, which allows access to additional data - but I’m not entirely sure why it’s showing up for that specific flight, since there’s no obvious additional data there)


Interesting, many thanks for explanation

The flight cannot be found by it’s original flight number, i needed to “dig” a bit and the result was the one above. You can find it by using the aircraft registration, in this case OE-LCF

then if you click on the flight from Thursday, you will get the correct data, but the flight number is shown as a different one.

On two occasions that was the way I found the flight times of delayed planes, starting with the tails I found on fleet info. Not sure if this due to technical reasons, in onecase the airline had to use a different plane, or if they were trying to make it more difficult for people to prove the flight was delayed?

I don’t think so. Other sites were able to find the flight also with the flight number, i think it’s more the way the information is processed, see the reply of @obj above

Here is another one where the information are partially incorrect.

Flightpath, Aircraft are ok, but the flight is definitively not operated by Lufthansa Cityline
Flightnumber is DLH759 and not CLH759. The information came from SkyAware by clicking on the link to “visit flight page” on your local feeder

Searching for the flight manually gives the correct information:

Cityline does long range now as well.
It’s all a big washup.

Sure it does, but not this flight. It was only FA which showed it as Cityline.
Anyways, not a big deal