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i am trying to track air india flt. 130 but a old post of 2011 comes up…am unable to track the live flight


I’m a newbie, but I’ve noticed that flightaware doesn’t track a lot of international flights to the same degree and accuracy of domestic US flights.


Read the directions - About FlightAware (left side) FAQs



We are continually getting better at tracking international flights as we add new data sources, create sharing agreements with airlines, and so forth. You can expect some major advances this year, but I can’t say specifically when we will have Air India.


Hi, i can’t beleive that flight JAI 9w227 on 26/2/12 from EBBR- VABB is taxiing since 10:05am till now. How come i can’t follow this flight live ?
I can understand that the live-tracking everye minute is not available yet. But if the flight is not delayed, why cant flight aware mention that the plane is ‘on his way’ (onderweg) instead still : ‘Is aan het taxiien’ ?


See rw812’s post from above.


Can I assume that outbound European flights like FRA-ORD may soon be added? Outbound European flights would be such a great help. Thanks so much for a great product.

Bob Johnson


FRA-ORD has been supported for many years: flightaware.com/live/findflight/fra/ord


FRA-ORD was just an example, how about FRA-ATL or LHR-JFK all the European routes, would be such a help.


Bob Johnson


Thanks for your replies, however I am looking for route information. I use FlightAware for my flight planing in MS FSX. Next week I will fly Delta Airlines routes from JFK to LHR. However on the return flight LHR to ATL the route data is limited to that portion over the USA. When can we expect total route coverage from Europe to the US.

Thanks proud supporter of FlightAware.

Bob Johnson


Flight in flightradar24 is more exact!!!


The basic air lines pass above Khabarovsk! In clear weather, planes it is visible. flightradar24 them traces on 100 %. In too time FlightAware of them does not see. The example, flight SU 260. FlightAware speaks - who it???


Thanks for posting, however FlightAware provides much more routing information than I could find in flightradar24 . flightradar24 seems to be a program that tracks planes in the air now. That is fine, but FlightAware provides so much more.