Flight tracking question


I’m familiar with most of the coding ie UAL928 B763 is United Airlines Flight 928 in a Boeing 767-300
I know what the set of numbers means - altitude and cruising speed. But, what do the two sets of letters mean on the third line? Both sets are four letters each…I don’t think its airport codes. Can anyone tell me what those are? AND, where can I look up the waypoints to see where each is?

Thank you so much for any/all information. :slight_smile:


Airport codes.

Type the letters in the google search box. Pick the google result that sounds like a description of an airport.

One of the stickies here is titled “Faa Publications for Use With Flightaware”

The Location Identifer manual is the official publication…but google is useful, also.

faa.gov/airports_airtraffic/ … LIDHME.htm


thanks much. I did figure out they were airport codes! thanks again.



I have tried to track 2 flights from Air France in the past week without success. Right now I’m trying to track AF 422 (from Paris to Bogota), which was delayed, but according to AF’s website it has taken off and I don’t see any information on this website.

Could you please check and confirm?

Thank you


A Paris to Bogota flight would likely not enter Flightaware’s primary tracking area and therefore not have live in-air tracking - only the arrival/departure information provided by Air France.


Thank you for the reply. Last week I tried to track an AF flight from Paris to Prague (and back), but they didn’t appear either, and I believe that I was able to track the AF flight from Bogota to Paris 2 weeks ago…
Until now, I had found this website to be the best to track flights outside of North America, but I’m surprised that not even flights inside Europe could be tracked…