Flight Track Line Question


I understand that each aircraft on the map has a track line that trails the aircraft based on previous position data. How far, how much time, in the past does this line represent?

Just as a side note, if it’s not already, it would be nice if that line gave information for about 5 or 6 minutes into the past (approximately equivalent to the lag time of data onto the site), so that the trailing line could give some visual clue as to the actual and real-time position of the aircraft.


Is this for an airborne or past flight? For an airborne flight, the current position and orientation is indicated by a little airplane that should be quite intuitive. If the flight is not airborne, it will show the full radar track.


I’m refering to airborne aircraft. Trailing each aircraft is a short line based on that aircraft’s recent position history. I was just wondering how far into the past, how much time, that line represents?


The entire flight.


I believe he’s referring to the airport-based track map, though I could be wrong.


Yes, I am refering to the airport based tracking map, thanks for the correction. How far back, how much time, does the trailing line go back for that map?


Oh, I see. I believe it’s 3-5 minutes although I don’t really know. Someone from the mapping team will have to address that.