Flight/Tail # tracker


Is there any way to delete any of the N numbers that flight tracker stores after you ask for a track ? My list is long and I do not track many of the aircraft anymore and I would like to get rid of the excess N #'s in the pull down menu.


The pull-down menu you refer to is a product of your browser, not the FlightAware website. Clear your history and temporary inernet files to get rid of them.


There’s a way to edit drop-down lists in Windows without clearing all history:

-Click on the blank field to make the drop-down list appear
-Point and highlight the unwanted item in the list [Don’t click]
-Press the delete button on the keyboard.

The highlighted item is deleted.

Works in IE7 And Firefox. Don’t know about others.


What’s wrong with keeping them in there? Doesn’t hurt anything and you never know when you might want to track that aircraft again.

You should also look into putting the aircraft you track regularly on the bookmark toolbar.


Thanks all for the helpful information. I got exactly the information I was seeking. :smiley: