Flight Service Stations

Hi guys, we recently had a discussion at our school about technology and how FSS may go away…with providers like flightaware, duats, universal and others… Do you see any future on the FAA FSS? Do you ever use FSS combined with fligthaware or other service for weather?


I have only used FSS to file a flight plan when I didn’t have access to a computer (KLEX) and got an updated weather briefing as I had diverted to KLEX.

I have had not had a need for FSS for weather briefings since my training days as DUAT gives me the same standard briefing FSS gives me.

As long as reporting PIREPS are encouraged or emphasized, I don’t see FSS going away too soon, but then again I never thought I’d see the day where I wouldn’t be calling FSS when I look back to my first time flying after training 8) so who knows what the future will bring us!

Never use flight service anymore. They’ve been replaced by the internet.

Didn’t lockheed take over all the FSS stuff?

Loved FSS before Lockheed, hate it now.

You could talk to someone that new local weather patterns & would call an unpublished phone # to an ASOS that didn’t report to get you weather from the middle of BFE.

Now I call FSS and even if I request Idaho I get some dolt from TX or CA that can’t tell me sh*t about what is really happening in the Mtns.

When Lockheed took over they doomed FSS, because anyone of us can read published METARs and TAFs. No meteorologist w/ local knowledge needed for that.

Anymore, I only call direct line to a few out in the west for local insite.

BFE, I’ve been there…

John in Saudi

Don’t you mean that you are there??? :laughing:

no, seems like it sometimes. BFE is about 300 miles northwest of here. :slight_smile:

AMEN to that :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

The Lockheed takeover was a nightmare. It’s gotten much better now, but they still lost a TON of local knowledge during the transition. For areas with unique local weather, ie. the Pacific Northwest and the Cape Cod/Nantucket/Martha’s Vineyard areas, that has meant the difference between a briefer who can barely find them on a map and a briefer who’s been living in and watching that weather for years and years. I fly for a living, came up during the advent of DUATS, etc…, and I use a little bit of everything. I look at WSI when I get to the airport for a quick “big picture”, file and print weather on Fltplan.com, and call FSS for a full briefing. Inflight we’ll call FSS to augment onboard radar and downlinked satellite Wx, usually during thunderstorm season. Hopefully FSS doesn’t disappear, as they are one more good source of information.

Talking to the FSS is great when you are driving to the airport, the weather is looking 90% good, but you don’t have time to sift through the 20 pages of info that DUAT’s puts out. I also fly in an area where TFR’s can pop up without too much warning, so its good to get that last check on the way to CYA.

I’ve never understood FSS. I’ve always had internet. DUATS SUCKS. ADDS.

METAR- is the weather good? no okay. TAF will it be good? no- well gotta go anyways so why the hell did I just scare myself looking at the weather?

NOTAMS- okay kick the tires and light the fires.

FAF- Flaps 20, gear down, before landing check list please.

So all you guys have internet airborne? I often get a enroute update or give a pirep or I might file the next leg airborne. I dont know how we could do without FSS, I also agree that the take over sucked and was HORRIBLE even if it was all planed out with the most caution ever. I cant wait for the new healthcare! but thats a thread hijack sorry.

XM Weather.

The internet sites are great, if you have time to surf all of them before getting airborne. Not all of the places I fly into have a computer to use, and you can only do so much, so fast, with the I-phone.

Blame Lockheed, not the FSS people…( well, not all of them, anyway).

Blame it on the FAA. They gave FSS away.

I get all my weather from Weathermeister. Everything is color coded and items to note stand out. Free two week trial if you link from my home page. Go to http:://160knots.com and click on the banner.

While we are pointing fingers…and other body parts:

I wonder what Phil Boyer doing today? Think that FAA/Lockheed kool-aid he sucked down had a bad aftertaste?

Weathermeister is now FAA approved weather? Because if it’s your sole source for weather…Do you get a DUATS, FSS, etc, briefing to make it legal?