Flight Plan form not consistant with FAA form

I found that in order to get the proper altitudes you must enter them in thousands of feet rather than hundreds of feet (even though your page says to enter them in hundreds of feet) like so
Min and max acceptable altitudes in hundreds of feet.
Example: 200 400

The FAA form (Box 7) is in hundreds of feet( ie 30 = 3000, 90=9000, etc)

On your form if you put in 30 that will give FL300 or 30,000 feet, that is inconsistant to what we pilots would normally use.

To get it to work for a range of 3000 to 9000 feet I had to enter 3 and 9 respectively. On the next page it showed these as FL20, FL40, FL60, etc. Even 1000 altitudes (Correct for heading west which I was). But misleading because flight levels start at 18,000 feet. To put FL below that is odd for us General Aviation guys…most of us don’t go that high.

It would be better if the values were the same as we used on the FAA form.

The values are the same as the FAA form; they are in hundreds of feet. However if you enter values that are unreasonably low (3 and 9 being 300ft and 900ft), we’ll modify the range to something reasonable given the performance data for your aircraft. Depending on which sample aircraft you used, even 30-90 (3000 ft - 9000 ft) may be lower than the performance data we have available (for the Challenger, if I recall correctly).

We’ll consider changing the display below 18000 ft to feet instead of flight level since they technically aren’t flight levels.