flight notification time discrepancy

I use flight notification (text message) as a form of validation that my filed flight plan made it to the FAA system; I’ve noticed that frequently the ETA on the text message is significantly different than what was filed. Case in point: N851SB from KCTJ to KRPH yesterday (4/27). Filed ETD was 1630 EDT (2030Z) and ETE was 2:40 (making the ETA for KRPH 2310Z or 1810 CDT. The text notification (unfortunately I already deleted it so am going from memory here) showed my proposed ETD as 1640 EDT and my proposed ETA as 1604 CDT – I wish we had that kind of cruise speed!

Here is a ‘snip’ from the filed plan off of FltPlan.com:
Dep: KCTJ 2030Z 310kts FL280 Filed Route

2 questions -

  1. why the 10 minute slip in proposed ETD? I have noticed that is often the case (but not always)
  2. why the significant discrepancy in ETA? Very common to observe that.


I know from my experiences with DUAT, for my departure time, always adds 10 minutes compared to what I typed in the fields

Based on my last week flight when I filed with FSS, the same happens for them as I filed for a noon departure.

flightaware.com/live/flight/N194 … /KLEX/KTUP

discussions.flightaware.com/view … 4093#64093 explains the descrepancy on departure times.

Never encountered a discrepancy of ETA filing through DUAT and what FA receives so can’t fathom why a discrepancy.

I was just intro’ed to fltplan.com myself last week, and have not had the opportunity to file with them.

thanks lieberma-

I should add that I have FltPlan.com configured such that my flight plans are sent to, and filed by, DUATS…

I’ll update this thread as appropriate - maybe that will provide a clue for solving the mystery.

  1. The Enhanced Traffic Management System usually adds 10 minutes to departure times (plus any expected delays).

  2. The NAS flight plan came in with a 04/27/09 20:30:00 EDT and 0240 ETE, but ETMS decided you’ll depart at 04/27/09 20:40:00 and arrive at 04/27/09 21:04:00. You departed at 04/27/09 20:51:00 and at that time they estimated your arrival at 04/27/09 21:13:00, another 2 minute reduction in ETE. Then ETMS stopped sending messages about your flight, so all we got were the NAS messages which don’t include an ETA or ETE. ETMS may have been indicating the time they expected to stop sending messages about your flight, but I don’t know why your flight wouldn’t be generating ETMS messages.

Try filing (or planning and filing) with us to see if the same thing happens.