Flight Information Not Updated


I noticed that my recent IFR flights are not being shown. Are local IFR flights not shown?



My past experiences is that if you did not file a flight plan for local IFR work, then it won’t show up on flightaware again from my experiences.

I do quite a bit of local IFR work, and pick up a clearance locally without a flight plan, and I am put into the system, but it has never shown up under my tail number.

I haven’t tried to file a IFR flight plan for local IFR work, but I would think that would show up on Flightaware since a flight plan was filed.

Can’t say for sure, since I have not done this, maybe somebody can chime in on this.

Hope this helps!



I’ve noticed that tracking of “local IFR” flights is unreliable. For example, I flew from KGLS to KSGR last week and filed IFR over the phone. Although FlightAware showed the flight as “scheduled,” it never was notified of a departure or arrival and only received 4 or 5 radar position reports throughout the entire 20 minute flight. I think it had something to do with the entire flight being handled by Houston Approach. Two hours after the scheduled departure time, FlightAware received a “cancellation” for the flight plan from the FAA as if it timed out because it was never activated.

That said, I’ve had no problem being tracked even on very short IFR hops in the LA-area using socal approach, even with using TEC rather than filing a flight plan.