Flight Aware DOWN????

Getting Bad news Flight Aware is temporarily down as of 12:35Z

It’s up now, which is, um 16-3, um,…1312Z!!

Do you fall back or spring forward? Hate trying to think, do I add 5 or 6 on my side of the planet :smiley:

Europe does but not here, we’re too close to the equator to make much difference. Besides the farmers union isn’t very big in this part of the world.

Manowar, bet that makes for a big headache in filing flight plans for you!

Departure, no adjustment, return do I or do I not adjust :confused:

er, we’ve been know to be off an hour. or more. Some places we go very occasionally, the boss seems to know the local arrival time before we do… :confused:

Should be fine now.

I was down this morning but am now running fine. My XP computer using Firefox 2.0 and mobile device (iPod Touch 2.1 running Safari) were unable to display FlightAware until a bit after 0830 EST, but my Vista machine running Firefox 2.0 ran fine, minus some graphics like the “My FlightAware” map. I found this odd. No worries now! Everything’s working good. Thanks for the fix.

The world will not end today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.

I’ve had the same thing for the past few days, off and on.