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FLight API Issue

Please see below images. We need the things how to get

Please reply for my queries with API:

  1. How to get Carrier Name with API
  2. How to get IATA code
  3. How to get Logo

Please reply. Waiting fro answers from many days.

If you’re using FlightXML3, then the FlightInfoStatus function will return the IATA code as the “airline_iata” field (and ICAO code as the “airline” field).

The carrier name and logo are expected to be obtained by looking up the ICAO or IATA code in your own resource or database table. The FlightXML3 AirlineInfo function or the FlightXML2 AirlineInfo/AllAirlines functions can be used to help you build your local database with airlines that you do not have already. We do not provide graphics/logos for re-use in your own applications due to legal liability reasons, however you can find images on Wikipedia for most airlines.