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Flight Alarm

Dear Sir,
I’d like to know how can I get a Flight Alarm on my e-mail. I tried but unsuccesfully … may someone be able to help me?
Thank so much indeed. :slight_smile:


To set a flight alert sent to your email, simply go to “My Alert” at the top of your page (flightaware.com/account/manage/alerts) and select SET UP A NEW ALERT to create a new alert.

From there you will see 1. Tell us which flight, 2. When would you like to be alerted?, and 3. Where should we send the alerts?.

The first thing you will need to enter in is the Airline Name and Flight number, or Select “TAIL” and enter in the tail number of the aircraft you wish to track.
(You will need to select one or the other, but not both. )

The next thing you will need to enter in is the date you wish to be alerted. Single day, Multiple Days, or Indefinite(this will allow the system to send you multiple alerts without an end time)

The last thing you will need to enter in is where you wish to have your alert sent to.
The email address in your account should already be selected with a check mark. All you have to do is select either “On the Flight”, “Operating the Flight”, "Meeting the Flight, or “Advanced Options”. (The description of each option are listed in green each time you select that option)

Once you are satisfied with your selection, you can hit SETUP ALERT to finalized your choices.

If you have any other questions, please give FlightAware’s office a call for further assistant.