Best way to setup Alerts


I want to be able to set up Alerts for a flight a month in the future. However, from what I understand, faFlightId is not available until at least 48 hours from the departure of the flight. So what’s the best way to set up departure alerts for the flight? What I have to do right now is to set alerts for the flight from today up till a month from now - but that will amount to too many alerts.

Is there any way to know if a faFlightId has been set?
What’s the best way to tackle this issue?



You can create an alert based on the “ident” + date, rather than the faFlightID.

If you are concerned about flights that conduct multiple segments in the same day, you can also include the origin/destination of the segment you want to ensure there is no confusion.


Thanks for the response.
It says that the “date_start” is the starting date of the alert. Could you clarify if that is

  • The date on which you want the alerting service to start(so give me alerts for all flights with ident AS790 starting tomorrow)
  • The date of the flight for which you want the alert(give me alerts for the particular flight AS790 that leaves tomorrow)?



The date_start is the date portion of the local timestamp of the originally scheduled departure of the flight. (If the flight arrives in the next/previous day but was matched due to the date_start at its origin, then you will still get the arrival alerts for that flight.)