Flat tire on landing - first time for me


Taxi and take off went well indicating no problem with the landing gear but on landing (nice soft-touch landing) the plane tried to veer sharply toward the side where the left main tire was flat. A little scary as I had never encountered this in the past. Landed on center line but ended up near edge of runway.

Any similar experiences out there?


what type of aircraft were you in?


Just a wild guess… :smiley:



I miss read his first post- I thought it said everything was fine when he sucked the gear up. when I looked up his AC i seen it was a fixed gear.

Thought he might have been in a retract.


Well, we landed at the Fulton County airport in Rochester, IN and the tire blew and we ended up on the belly in the grass, bent prop. My cousin was the pilot. Don’t remember the plane though. It was a long time ago.