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[Fixed]Web Interface: PiAware FlightAware broken

I feed for couple years no, I wanted to add another site to feed (FlighRadar24).

I can that I’m still feeding looking at my stats in https://flightaware.com/ but when I try connect to my lan ip, it doesn’t load the map anymore: connection refused.

PiAware master process (piaware) is running with pid 1436.
PiAware ADS-B client (faup1090) is running with pid 1469.
PiAware ADS-B UAT client (faup978) is not running (disabled by configuration settings)
PiAware mlat client (fa-mlat-client) is running with pid 1479.
Local ADS-B receiver (dump1090-fa) is running with pid 1435.

dump1090-fa (pid 1435) is listening for ES connections on port 30005.
faup1090 is connected to the ADS-B receiver.
piaware is connected to FlightAware.

dump1090 is NOT producing data on localhost:30005.

Your feeder ID is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (from /var/cache/piaware/feeder_id)

any help much appreciated.

update Fixed:

sudo apt remove -y dump1090-mutability
sudo apt remove -y dump1090
sudo rm /etc/lighttpd/conf-enabled/89-dump1090.conf
sudo reboot

What port are you using?
Skyaware is on port 8080.