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-- fix parameter in dump1090-fa

reading another post on the forum , I decided to remove the fix parameter in the configuration file.
In the graph attached you can see the influence (turned off at ca 16h42)
But can somebody explain me in plain English what this parameter does ? and do I turned it on or off ?
Thank you

This was pretty new with v3.8

Here’s a thread where it’s discussed:

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thank you for pointing this out
I wil check that thread.

No, --fix (once) has been around for donkeys years.

It does error correction on some messages which have been damaged by noise in transit, which would otherwise be discarded. The downside of this is that it increases the chances that badly damaged messages could be wrongly “corrected”, producing bad data.

Usually these bad messages are then filtered out by subsequent processing (this is where the “single tracks” statistic comes from)

That is a decision you need to make yourself depending on your tolerance for a low rate of bad data.

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Thank you for the clear explanation, I understand now :+1:

I wanted to say that this topic came up more in discussions. Before that nobody complained about the single track topic :slight_smile: