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First time seeing a B-52

Now if I could just figure out why there’s this wall 138 miles from my location blocking my reception!

I think Gru and his minions are conspiring against you :sunglasses:

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They are located on a dutch airbase, ICAO code EHEH (Eindhoven). ThE MRT’s carry dutch airforce serials and markings. I occasionally get an NATO Awacs or 2 per week as well patrolling over the Northsea. The Awacs are located on ETNG Geilenkirchen air base.
Quite funny they are registered in Luxemburg so they carry an LX registration🧐

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Didn’t Laurel and Hardy sing a song about that wall back in the 1930s? :thinking:

LOL. If they did, I never heard about it. I’m old - but not that old! :joy:

Still on the topic of military aircraft. Here’s how I used to fly around the Pacific in my younger (and, I hope, better looking) days. EA-3B Skywarrior (callsign “Deep Sea”). VQ-1 squadron. Still a beautiful bird. J57-P10 engines (same as the B-52 - hey, we’re back on topic!) 73,000 pounds take-off weight. 50,000 on landing.


That’s where you are hitting my wall, that’s why :rofl:

That’s why FlightAware has 26,000 feeders - overlap!

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These can be seen pretty often over Europe. I have one of them at least 2-3 times a month on my radar

Another one today you can see here pretty often: Movements of C30J

Currently three in a row heading towards Ramstein Air Base:

EDIT: Followed by German Police :rofl: :rofl:

Refueling exercises ongoing

You may also wish to feed adsbexchange.com. They have a “military” filter too if you check the “global aircraft view” on their website.

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