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Firehose API from a flightfeeder (blue)


The FAQ at flightaware.com/adsb/faq#datafeed says that:

FlightFeeder and PiAware devices running FlightFeeder 7.9.1 or PiAware 3.6.2 or newer software also support port 1501 for Firehose-format JSON data:

I have a flightfeeder running version 7.11.0~bpo8+1, but I don’t see how I can do this step, since I don’t have SSH access as these are managed by FlightAware:

  • This feature must be enabled first by adding “enable-firehose yes” in the piaware-config.txt or flightfeeder-config.txt file respectively (or on a PiAware by running the command “piaware-config enable-firehose yes”) and then rebooting/restarting the device.

What am I missing?

(the reason I specifically want the local firehose data, btw, is to track flights whose data is blocked from the public FA but which I see on my local display (generally MLAT))

I turned it on remotely for you; let me know if it’s working. One gotcha specific to the FlightFeeder is that the self-signed certificate will regenerate itself on reboot (this can be fixed with some work, but it’ll require a couple of reboots - let me know if you need that done)

Perfect, thank you!

I can ignore certificate validation. Not a problem.