Firehose API Filtering Optiions

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Whenever I filter the feed I am getting through the Firehose API the subsequent data DOES NOT include the “hexid” (which is the Mode S 24 bit code), and the “altitude”. When making an open call using Firehose these data items are always present but when using any filtering option they are excluded.

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Make sure that you are requesting version 4.0 or higher in the initiation command string to get those elements.

Thanks bovineone - but I tried that with no luck. Even tried omitting the version which should automatically default to filter based on the latest version but sill no luck pulling in the hexid as part of the filtered data…

What is an example of an initiation command with filtering that results in the hexid being absent? In general, hexid will only be present on positions, so if you are choosing to only receive the other message types then you will not receive hexid.

Thanks again, ok what determines the message type?

As described on the firehose documentation page, there are flightplan, departure, arrival, cancellation, and position messages. Each message has different member fields that are available: … tation.rvt

When you say you are filtering, do you literally mean use of the “filter” command in the initiation command?

Based on our peculiar data needs here we suspect a direct integration to our FlightAware unit would be better. Please can you point me to any resource or online documentation on how to connect to the FlightAware box and capture the flight data?


There are some notes on the flightfeeder page:

ADS-B/Mode-S Data Output for Optional Application Integration and Data Feeds
FlightAware ADS-B TSV (TCP Port 10001)
Basic AVR / RAW ADS-B (TCP port 30002)
SBS/Basestation Format (TCP port 30003)

If you want decoded data, port 10001 will give you periodic aircraft summaries, port 30003 will give you a line per message. The port 10001 output is what ends up going to Flightaware. Both are newline-delimited, port 10001 is key-value pairs separated by tabs, port 30003 uses a CSV format mimicing the Basestation format.

If you’d rather deal with the raw data directly, port 30002 (AVR-style) or 30005 (Beast binary format, not mentioned above but I think it should be available on recent FFs) will give you that. There is some documentation of the formats here: … ut_Formats