Finding flight info


We regularly take a flight from DFW to BDL. The flight arrives in Dallas and continues to BDL. How can I find where the flight originates?


The Texas Badger


Assuming you mean where does the aircraft for the flight originates, you can’t unless the aircraft arriving in DFW has the same flight number as the flight from DFW to BDL. If it does, take a look at the flight history.

Here’s an example (I couldn’t find any flights from DFW to BDL that originated before DFW):

If you were on the flight from DFW to LAX you could tell that the flight originated in BDL because the flight history shows it


Some more info will help, such as the airline? You can search city pairs on the left, which might answer your question.


Taking Damiross’s advice I checked AA LAX to BDL and found AA 1472 LAX-DFW and AA 2484 DFW to BDL. I believe 1472/2484 is the same equip from LAX to BDL


Jack W
The Texas Badger


Uh, that’s actually taking it out of context. In order to be very sure, it should have the same flight number from LAX to DFW to BDL. This is especially true when you are talking about a hub such as DFW where many flights arrive and depart at about the same time.